Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dartmouth Regatta Report

A team of seven consisting of Alex Ramos, Tom Etheridge, Alison Bradley, Liz Wallace, Mason Walters, Zack Nerod, and Nick Lipinski left for New Hampshire on a brisk Friday afternoon. The long drive there found us arriving at Dartmouth's campus during the end of their Homecoming ceremonies at roughly 1 to 2 AM. We finally arrived at Nick's aunt's house right off of campus ready to get some rest in preparation for stiff competition the next morning.

On Saturday morning, we arrived at the venue bright and early. The Dartmouth team was blasting a pleasant mix of 70s and 80s pop music to start the day with some fun. The racing started off with a postponement followed by several other delays and light, shifty racing in between. The wind came from the East which was directly across the lake from the club and though a series of large hill. This led to somewhat light, unexpected shifts--not unlike what we see at Baseline lake.

Sunday, however was a completely different animal. The breeze started at a strong 15-20 knots coming straight down the river from the South building with gusts easily surpassing 25 knots. Both skippers found it much harder to perform in the tormenting breeze as well as the various showers of freezing cold rain and hail.

Although we did not perform as well as we wanted, numerous lessons were learned and re-learned. As we left out first major competitive dinghy regatta of the season, we left tired, sad and beaten, but truly enlightened and full of desire for improvement. 

--Alex Ramos, '15

Wisco Women's Regatta Report

Friday afternoon of October 17th, five girls, three of which were freshmen, clamored into a university van and set out for Madison, Wisconsin. Rising bright and early the next morning, the girls were welcomed on Lake Mendota with a strong, crisp autumn breeze blowing so hard that whitecaps were seen in the distance. Eager to hit the water, the girls pulled on their spray gear and zipped up their drysuits, ready for a tasty day of sailing. Lane Tobin '18 and Sydney Thompson '18 represented Michigan in A fleet, making constant adjustments to the conditions which resulted in consistent improvement throughout the day. In B fleet, Lindsay Ford '17 skippered with Abby Rogers '16 and Annie Zalon '18 switching off crews, also improving as the day went on. All in all, the women of the University of Michigan sailing team gave it everything and learned a lot out on the water, finishing sixth overall out of 8 races per fleet. With a great breeze that allowed for the regatta to finish early Saturday evening, the girls grabbed some Qdoba and hit the road back home. 

--Abby Rogers, '16

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pictures from IOR

Here are some great shots of the team during the Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta last weekend! Head over to our Facebook page for more pictures.