Team Apparel

Ordering Process:
  1. Decide what gear you want and in what size.
  2. E-mail with your order and shipping address.
  3. If the sizes you request are in stock you will receive an invoice including shipping. 
  4. Once your payment has been received your shirts will be shipped.
E-mail: with any questions!

Youth L-S-M-L-XL-XXL

Short Sleeve: $20
Long Sleeve: $25

Sail to the Victors

A design from 2011, the Sail to the Victors shirt has a classic M Sailing logo on the front and a picture of our beautiful 420's on the back. 

Click picture for larger image.

Team Race

A design from 2012, the Team Race Shirt pictures a Large Block M on the front, and a creative description of the winning team racing combinations on the back.

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Michigan Sailing
A brand new design from 2013, this grey shirt is a bold new addition to our lineup of shirts. It was the best seller of all our shirts at Strictly Sail 2013.

Basline Lake

The Baseline Lake shirt is our interpretation of a sailing classic, with the red star marking the location of our practice facility.

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Boat on Side

This is one of our most popular shirt designs. The Boat on Side shirt features a classic burgee on the front and block M on the back, spices things up with a boat blueprint on the side. 

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This stylish faded blue t-shirt design features 
the flirty 'Lucy'.

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Burgee Shirt

 A classic shirt design perfect for the more
 traditional fan, the Burgee Shirt has the 
 Michigan Block M (front, pictured) and our 
 burgee (back, pictured). One of our top sellers!

Click picture for larger image.

Official Michigan Sailing Burgee

These burgees are made by 
North Flags (a division of North Sails). 
They're 14" x 21" and made of durable,
double-stitched material. -$35

Large Burgees, 48" x 72", are also
available. -$250

E-mail: with any questions!