Matt Graham ('13) and Karinne Smolenyak ('14) Racing at the 2013 Coed National Semifinals in Virginia

  1. How do I contact the team?
    If you'd like info about the team or like to join, contact our Recruitment Chair Zach Nerod. If you would  like to contact the Executive Board which runs the team send an email to
  2. Is sailing a varsity sport at Michigan?
    The Michigan Sailing Team is a club sport at the University of Michigan. We are student/self coached and managed. This however is the case for all the other teams in the Midwest district of the Intercollegiate Sailing Association. Basically this means that we don't have the funding or support that the varsity teams on the coasts have.
  3. How much do we practice and will I get to race?
    The team members are expected to attend practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays from around 3:00pm to about 8:00pm. Some people sail on Wednesdays as well but those practices are completely optional. Participation in all practices is optional but the the more you practices the better you'll get and the more likely you are to sail the big events.

    As for racing, everyone on the team has the opportunity to race. We often sign up for many events on a single weekend, sending our top sailors to the most prestigious events. Decisions on who will sail are made by the teams two elected captains with help and input from the elected executive board.

    If you join the Michigan Team you will be given many oppurtunities to sail in regattas.
  4. Why should I sail for the University of Michigan?
    There are a number of reasons to sail for the Michigan Team. From the team kinship and warmth of the Midwest sailing community to the immense opportunities the team provides to talented young sailors wanting to sail college sailings top events. Add in the fact that Michigan is one of the best schools in the nation and that sailing practices are the best study breaks one could ask for, and the question may be why not sail for the Michigan team!

    This team presents many opportunities for talented/motivated sailors to sail top collegiate events in their first years of college while still getting an amazing education. Because the team is student run it also presents the possibility to take leadership positions and learn how to run a competitive organization.

    In summary the Michigan Sailing Team is an organization that will challenge and reward you while creating some of the most fun and crazy college memories you could ever wish for.
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