Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Truxtun Umsted Invitational

The weekend of March 16th, seven members of the team headed to Annapolis for a weekend of sailing at the Naval Academy. They arrived in Annapolis and were housed by the family of a former teammate. Four divisions made up our team: A fleet, Matt Graham and Kirsten Corneliussen, B fleet, Ryan Seago and Karinne Smolenyak, C fleet, Lawrence Jau, and D fleet, Ellen Dubois, with Connor Shope as an alternate.

Saturday morning greeted us with light winds and a little fog. They sent us out on time and got two full rotations, 4 races, completed in each fleet. The race committee sent us in for lunch and the wind died, never filling back in. We spent our Saturday afternoon studying on shore and playing ultimate frisbee with the other teams. After the first day, Michigan was in 16th out of 18.

Sunday morning greeted us with even more fog and even lighter winds. The race committee postponed us on shore for an hour and then postponed us on the water for another hour or so. Around 1 pm the wind finally filled in enough to sail, but just barely. We only got in 2 races on Sunday in light, frustrating conditions. Our team ended up in 17th out of 18 at the end of the regatta. The weekend, though light and frustrating, was a good time for all that were there.