Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mid-Winter Update

February 16th Crisler Cleanup
Despite the absence of sailing due to the frozen condition of Baseline Lake, over the past two months the sailing team has been very active. Throughout January and February the team has found a multitude of events to keep the team together and in my opinion, has created a sense of family between members. The annual Strictly Sail boat show kept the team busy for the first 3 weeks of the year, but since then our team has continued to socialize and obtain new sailing knowledge even though we are unable to sail. Over the last 4 weeks during our weekly Monday meetings we have had 20 minute chalk talks presented three times by Will Cyr '14 and another chalk talk presented by Kirsten Corneliussen '13 and Chris Cyr '16. (You can view these chalk-talks and power-points on our youtube channel These presentations have been geared towards our beginner sailors to help them develop new skills which will help them perform better in the spring. In addition, since the start of the new semester we had had many social gatherings on weekends, team cafeteria dinners, and even a cleanup of Crisler Arena last weekend which raised $300 for our team. Just by talking to team members over the past week, I can tell that the team is very enthusiastic to start sailing and continue to build on the success of 2012. 
-Ryan Seago '14