Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Lynn Marchiando Team Race

The team sent seven sailors to Boston last weekend for the highly competitive Lynn Marchiando team race regatta, hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  After 12 hours of driving on Friday, we made it to teammate Alex Mayo's home in Needham, MA, thirty minutes away from the MIT sailing center.

Racing on Saturday started a little later than usual, as we had to wait for rowers to clear the course. With 16 teams, the regatta chairman had a 120 race round robin planned for Saturday.  We completed the round robin with no breaks.  After about seven long hours of racing the team was exhausted by it was still a great team racing experience!

On Sunday there were two round robins, one for the top half of the fleet and one for the bottom half, but racing was delayed for more than an hour due to rain and lack of wind. UofM raced the the bottom half round robin, performing much better and showing great improvement from Saturday.  

We finally left Boston around 2 PM on Sunday, and made it back at 3 AM Monday morning (just in time for class!)  All in all, it was a successful weekend for the team as we continue to work toward national qualifiers at the end of April.

Chris Cyr, '16