Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Davis Cup

A group of fine, young Michigan sailors journeyed west to the state of Iowa this weekend to compete in the Davis Cup.  Mitch Kimball, Zach Nerod, James Hewitt, Nick Lipinski, Delaney Hodge, Benji Jepsen, and Sydney Thompson made the trek to Iowa and arrived late Friday night.  After getting a late start Saturday morning due to a miscommunication in the address of the lake, Zachary Nerod and Nicholas Lipinski kicked off A fleet. However, they were sent back to the docks because of the absence of wind. As time progressed and the wind reached a whopping, and very shifty, five knots, the races resumed. The team sailed hard, watched football on the docks, studied at night, and returned to the lake Sunday morning—this time on schedule. But again, there was no wind and the remainder of the regatta was called off. Because of the eight races held on Saturday, the Wolverines returned to Ann Arbor with a third place trophy. (It goes without saying that this trophy eased the pain of an embarrassing loss in the Big House a day prior). 

-Nicholas Lipinski '17