Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Davis Cup

The team left left Ann Arbor at 3pm and traveled west in a full-to-the-brim Ford Escape with broken AC, only stopping for food and what seems like the only attraction west of Chicago in the midwest, the World's Largest Truck Stop on Iowa-80. Where we learned that pigs are to Iowa as wolverines are to Michigan. Alex Mayo, who quickly and inefficiently packed in under 5 minutes because he was too intent on eating a burrito and tanning, only brought with him the shirt he was wearing on his back and was left with little option than buying a "Who Let the Hogs Out Shirt? Oink, Oink, Oink, Oink" shirt from a truck stop--look for him to don this in his Ross classes in the near future. We filled our tank with Iowa's $3.20 gallon prices and made our way to Iowa City, where we danced the night away in our finest Scott Ismail Hawaiian shirt attire and listened to the Iowa marching band play a crude, yet humorous parody of Hail to the Victors.

The next morning we sailed on Lake McBride in a state park next to Iowa's campus, thankfully the government wasn't shut down yet. We finished mid-fleet most of the day, battling not only the other boats on the water but also the 15 knot puffs full of blinding rain. The wind shifts were eerily similar to our home lake, Baseline, and essentially reached the entire way to the windward mark for two races in a row on Saturday. In A division we had Eddie Zelenak '15, Alex Mayo '15 and Kirsten Boelkins '15. In B division we featured John McCormick '15 and Cody Oeung '14.  We were given pizza and orange juice for lunch, a combination that did not sit well with most of the sailors evident by the extremely long bathroom lines, and especially for one Iowa sailor who we came to learn was born without a colon, which made sense why he frequented the public restroom so often. After the regatta we went out for a night on the town, sampling Iowa's local restaurants and bars, and ended our night watching American Beauty at the apartment that housed us. After the opening scene Kevin Spacey's acting had lulled half the room to sleep, surprisingly.
The second day was called off because of the lack of wind, and we quickly packed the car with our gear and headed back to Ann Arbor. The team ended up in 7th of 10 overall, 6th in A's and 8th in B's.
-Eddie Zelenak '15