Tuesday, October 01, 2013

St. Mary's Fall Interconference

Over the weekend the team went to St. Mary’s College of Maryland. This was the first time for some of the team to the venue on the St. Mary’s River where the 2014 ICSA College Nationals will be held. Therefore the team was excited to compete at the venue less than 8 months away from nationals.

Left to Right-Seago, Wallace, Etheridge, Smolenyak and Ramos
Saturday included classic Chesapeake conditions with a 5-12 knot northeasterly breeze, with 70 degree temperatures and sunny skies.  These conditions were familiar to A division skipper Alex Ramos ’15 from Annapolis, MD, who was sailing with Karinne Smolenyak ’14 in FJ’s. Chesapeake native Tom Etheridge ’16 came as a heavy crew for the weekend, which was an advantage because the combined team of Mr. Ramos and Tom provided excellent coaching for the team. Alex Ramos’s parents and sister came from Annapolis, in addition to Tom’s parents, who drove up from Norfolk, VA, for additional support for the team. The team definitely had plenty to eat throughout the weekend. In B Division, we featured Ryan Seago ’14 and Elizabeth Wallace ’14 who sailed the first 9 races in 420’s on Saturday. The conditions weren’t as shifty and puffy as the Charles River last week, but the river featured 10-30 degree shifts with 5 knot pressure differentials around the course. This forced the teams to be on top of their tactical game to perform well, boat-speed wasn’t everything. The team was in 13th of 18 after the first day after 12 races were completed. A and B divisions switched between FJ’s and 420’s after the 9th race.

Sunday featured almost identical conditions, with slightly less wind, 5-10 knots from the northeast again.  The team performed even better on Sunday with numerous top 10 finishes and a few top 3 finishes. By the end of the day A division ended up in 11th and B division in 10th, but because of the incredibly close competition in the middle of both fleets the team ended up overall in 13th of 18. We would like to thank the Etheridge’s and Ramos’s for their support this weekend at the regatta and Tom Moulds for hosting the team at his house in St. Mary’s.
-Ryan Seago '14